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The White House has refused to let Barney meet me, citing that they were afraid if they let me meet him, then every dame who posts a video on the internet asking for a date would get to.

For the latest on what's
happening, click here.

Welcome to MY site.

My name is Kenzie.

My dream is to go on a date with Barney Bush, the First Dog.

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My Date with Barney, The First Dog

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Email Barney.

Give Kenzie a chance.


Latest news

February 26th, 2007 update

Letter from the White House!!!

We got a signed (Paw Printed) photo from Barney, Miss Beazley, & Willie (the cat) today! It also included a lovely note from Barney, mentioning our Valentines Cards and our care package. It had a few things that I love (like my Nylabones). We tried to keep within the rules of what to send to the White House so they would actually get to them. You know 4 legged kind have security detail too! Gotta be safe (no food, no flowers)!

Still no mention of arranging a date or time for us to come visit them. Maybe they are waiting to invite us after we tell them when we will be coming? From our packed driving schedule, it looks like April 12- 14th we will be in Washington, DC. If that does not work out for them, we will be in Texas from April 2-4th, we could swing by the ranch! Either way, we'd love to see them both.

March 29 - April 30: 10,000 miles of fun across the USA. (click to see where we are going)
Feel free to about places of interest, or if you would like to meet me (& Boone).
If you see us in your town, just howl at us to say Hi! Looking forward to seeing some of you along the way.

Scottie Tails: The White House Letter

February 19th, 2007 update

Valentine's Day has come and gone and still no word from Barney, Miss Beazley or anyone else at the White House. We're currently working on finalizing the details of our trip back East so if anyone wants to meet us along the way, you'll be able to see what city we're in on what day. Not much else is going on other than that right now.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

Kenzie and Boone
Scottie Tails

February 12th, 2007 update

Hello all,

Boone and I, with parents in tow, are appearing on Seattle's Northwest Afternoon on KOMO TV today at 3 PM PST.

They're premiering our new video which will be on YouTube this afternoon (see below).

Everyone (especially Barney and Miss Beazley) have a Happy Valentine's Day!

Kenzie and Boone

Scottie Tails: Valentine

February 7th, 2007 update

Hello all,

First, the good news, the White House picked up the Valentine package I sent on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll hear from Barney soon!

Second, my parents, possibly Boone and I will be appearing on 20/20 on ABC this Friday. They focus too much on my parents for my tastes, but what can I do?

Thanks everyone for all the support and endless date offers. I appreciate it more than you know!

Love, Kenzie

February 3rd, 2007 update

I was on KOMO TV here in Seattle last night with my brother Boone and my parents. For the whole scoop, check out their article which includes a video news piece.

Below are pics of me sending the card.

February 2nd, 2007 update

While the piece on me got bumped from the Situation Room last night, this morning on Good Morning America the First Lady, Laura Bush, appeared and commented on my request for a date with Barney. She mentioned they haven't seen anything other than https://mydatewithbarney.com and that Barney has been checking his mail.

I'm is currently preparing my Valentine for Barney. I'll be appearing on Seattle's local TV station KOMO this afternoon around 4:20, perhaps I'll be able to show it off then.

I appeared last night KOMO and on CNN today among other local affiliates that have picked up the story. Hopefully I'll hear something from Barney sometime soon.



Thank you for all the continued wishes of luck and date offers. We truly appreciate everything you all have said and Boone and I are doing our best to respond to every email we get.

With love,


February 1st, 2007 update

Hey all,

Tonight, Kenzie will likely appear on CNN's situation room around 4:50 PM PST. They did a phone interview with her dad and got a comment or two from her.

They plan on having a response from the White House also, let's hope it's better than the one that Good Morning America got.

Thanks to everyone for the kinds words and wishes of luck!


January 30th, 2007 update

Video to play on Good Morning America

Hey everyone,

Writing to let you all know that Good Morning America has contacted us and plans on playing the video tomorrow between 7:45 and 8 AM. Perhaps while they're at it, they'll call up the White House and see if Barney has seen the video yet. One can only hope so by now!

Can't wait to see what they say about the video.



January 29th, 2007 update

Thank you for all the wonderful comments, emails, pictures and offers for dates! Keep them coming!

Sadly I've heard nothing so far from Barney. I think I'm getting closer to knowing someone, who knows someone, who knows him. I'm wondering if he's seen my video to him yet. It's like waiting for the guy to call you back after your first date, will he ever call you to ask for another date? I hope he has the paws to write to me after all.

I have some fun news, my brother Boone and I are working on our travel plans for April. We're trying to visit all the cities on our way to D.C. We're working on putting together a page this week detailing our journey across the US. I'm looking forward to meeting some of your fine studs out there. For you ladies, maybe I can introduce you to some of the men that contacted me, especially if they live near you. :)

So far some of the cities that we will be visiting are Flagstaff, Dallas, New Orleans, Miami & Orlando, Richmond, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Buffalo/Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, Mt. Rushmore, back to Seattle.

There are a few other cities we obviously will be hitting between all those places, but at the moment those are the highlights.

If we are visiting a place near you, maybe we can meet at a dog park or a coffee shop (outdoor seating). Please feel free to , so we can add your name to the "Must See" on our travels!

PS. If you have a MySpace or a Windows Live Spaces. Add us to your Friends page. We'd love to see your page too :)

<3 Love, Kenzington (AKA Kenzie)

January 25th, 2007 My Date with Barney update

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you all know about the progress that's been made towards getting a date with Barney on my trip in April. Fox News contacted me and asked to feature the video on their Fox and Friends segment tomorrow morning (1/26) at 6:21 AM EST. I hope they encourage Barney to get ahold of me if they're watching!

In other news, I've been contacted by someone that says they may be able to get Barney's groomer to watch the video, and another saying that they know Jeb Bush and may be able to get him to see the video. Let's hope they watch it, like it and forward it on to my dear, dear Barney.

Thanks everyone for the support, I appreciate it so much and hopefully it all pays off.


Jan. 23, 2007 My Date with Barney

I've loved Barney since I was a puppy, and now that I'm a little older, I think it's time I get a date with him. I'll be driving back to Washington, D.C. in April 2007 with hopes of meeting my hearth throb.

I have tried to Call him, Email him and ask others if they knew someone who knows someone that knows Barney. So far, no luck.

If you are Barney, or know someone who can help, please
Or you can visit Barney's website and write to him and help me in my quest to meet him.

I will be updating my progress here so stay tuned. Feel free to share my video with your friends. The more people who see it, the more chances I have of meeting that Hunky Shag of Fur!


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